Student Testimonials for TBLC

I just wanted to drop you a note after attending my first Maine AMTA Retreat. I had a great time and met some wonderful people. It was also great to engage those brain cells again but most of all I got to go head to head with therapist from all over and put my knowledge to the test.

How good it felt that I was prepared and held my own. All of this because of the education I received at TBLC. I also realized that my decision to go to TBLC was the right one.

So Thank you! I thought of you often this weekend and proud to tell everyone there where I went to school.
Be well!
Kevin (December 2017)

Hi Vicki, and all,
I just wanted to say hello. I am living outside of Portland, and I got hired a month ago to work at SOMA, a wellness and massage center in south Portland. They treat the therapists great, and I love the people I work with. Its far from a spa experience.

We get to have individual sessions, and practice much of our own set of techniques. It is wonderful, and I am so happy to be there.

I am also doing some mobile clients, as well as renting a space for my own practice. I am thrilled to say so much of my confidence and skills came from you all and the school.

Thank you, and I wanted you to know I always say good things about our school! I hope the year is going well.

Tell all the students that they will be there before they know it, and if you put good intention out there, the right gig will fall into your lap, and the same goes for getting clients.

My best wishes to you all. You are wonderful teachers, and I feel ever so thankful to be in this field and to love what I am doing.
Love, Emily Beringer (TBLC Class 2013)

"My first long-term client, the 400 pound man, just graduated my practice because he is moving to L.A.

Before he left, he and I talked about how far he'd come, and how many health improvements he'd made.

He considers the weekly massages to have been key to his "getting his tracks fixed" so he is now on track with his health. He is moving to L.A. to get his career back on track.

Again, I appreciate your encouragement in my taking him as a client, as he turned out to be a perfect massage client, and I sure learned a lot working with him."

Hi Donna,
I wanted to let you know that I have a client who was bed ridden for 5 years, has had 30 years of dealing with trauma to her lower lumbar, sacral region, gets chiropractic care weekly, and has had many MT's over the course of her life.

She has been in Maine for 10 years, has had to let many therapists go, and told me that I have given her the most therapeutic benefit from massage in her entire time in Maine.

Kudos to you for giving us the training to be truly helpful to our clients!
Heather (Class of 2009-10, July 18 , 2011)

I thank you for my education because believe it or not, many people have told me that there seems to be a "run of the mill" type of massage service at least in this area and they consider my massage to be "refreshingly helpful".

I credit you for teaching me to be "intune" with my client's needs, not just sticking to the "routine" of things.

I am a better therapist for that, so THANKS!

I know this is a busy time for you, and amazingly for me as well! I wanted to let you know that my career is really starting to take off.

I've started focusing on pregnancy and infant massage, and actually working with parents who have colicy babies, and some more serious imparments such as turner syndrome... I want to thank you for the variety of education you gave us, because it gave me enough information to at least start to make a difference for some of these people that are outside of the "swedish" realm.

I am working on getting certification for pregnancy and infant massage to further my education in this area and doing some infant massage instruction for parents.

I thank you, and encourage you to continue the work you are doing. You are a first class instructor. The other massage therapist who started in the building I am in the same time as me graduated from another massage school, and she didn't even get to work on a pregnant women....

I feel very fortunate and proud of the education you gave us all. Your work will really carry on in untold ways. Just wanted you to know the impact you are having on the world around us.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Many thanks, L


Just wanted to drop a note about something........

Twice this past week; I've had two different long time clients come to me shame-faced and say that they had "cheated on me". :-)

Each had been away on vacation and received massage from someone other than myself. One at a ski resort; the other at a 4 star hotel. They both told me that their massage, though good, was "not the massage they get from me". The common theme was that I have a flowing, rhythmic style that they find soothing and comfortable.

Which is why I'm writing this to you: you taught massage as "the dance" when we were in school. I've always remembered that and have adjusted it to suit my own personal style. It's never become mechanical...... never assembly line fashioned. Keeping it "the dance" has been more important for my client retention than the mechanics of the techniques that I use. At least for me.....

Thank you for teaching massage as an art.

a friend of mine asked me last night how my massage class went and I shared with her a little bit of how I feel when I am in your space. While I was telling her I realized that sitting in your space I felt more peaceful than I had felt in a very long time. I have noticed this in the past however had always tied it to the hour of yoga that we do in the beginning, this week however, we did not (as you know) start immediately with the yoga, and still while I was sitting there listening and sharing I felt relaxed and ok.

Spending 10 hours a day doing 'class' sounds so overwhelming when you tell someone that is what you are doing, but it just flies by for me.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you how being with you and learning from you has turned out to be so much more for me than only learning the techniques and philosophies of massage.

Thanks for a great class.

Have a great couple of weeks.


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